Enrichment Programs

As part of the Orange Tree curriculum, we offer a variety of programs to further support our development goals. Each program brings an additional level of unique style to our preschool program.

Friendship Fixers
The Friendship Fixer Program equips students with required life skills. It increases respect and caring. It reduces conflicts and encourages accountability. It improves relationships, builds school unity, promotes a common resolution language and it reduces violence. The program is a complete conflict resolution solution.
Coursing Around
Physical fitness is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Children gain increased motor skills, and establish neural pathways in their brain that supports learning, creativity and overall fitness. Children learn how to listen and follow directions, as well as to share and take turns. They also learn about working with others and the value of teamwork.
2011 17th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice for the Classroom Award winner! This program easily teaches the alphabet, phonemic awareness, rhyming, sound blending, and writing. A nationally recognized curriculum used in elementary schools and offered at the pre-school level. We love zoo phonics because it teaches to all the learning styles, and it’s make learning fun.
Showtime Dance Co.
A dance class is taught to the children at Orange Tree on Friday mornings at no additional cost to the parents. This class teaches the children how to follow instruction and how to begin understanding their body and movements.

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