A Time and a Place for Everything.

I love to teach this to 3 year olds the most because it’s such an empowering concept to them. I say, “it’s not playtime,” when we’re in the bathrooms. I say, “Thats silly; there are no toys in here!” They usually laugh and agree. The realization that there is a time and a place for everything helps us to be more intentional about the way we live. “Being present” is along the same lines and another concept that we are hearing about a lot. For example, if I’m at a sporting event, it’s counterproductive to try to read a book. If I’m in line at the checkout counter of the grocery store, I should probably end my phone call. If I’m at church, I should try to pay attention to the sermon. Some things are simple common sense; others take practice. Simply said, if we practice doing the thing that is appropriate for the time and place we are in, we will function better and struggle less.