I Have a Choice

I’m always amazed when I hear adults say, “I don’t have a choice.” And they really believe it. I know we sometimes say that, when our choices are tough. But so many people really feel helpless. Somewhere along our teaching to the next generation we seem to have dropped the ball on this one. When I teach “I have a choice” to the preschoolers, I have them look in the mirror, hold up and flex their arm muscles 


, and repeat “I HAVE A CHOICE!” They always smile, because they feel empowered. I think all of us need to remember that we have free will. That sometimes we give away our free will and don’t even realize it. As adults. If we can differentiate between circumstances and problems, we will learn that it’s our choice to have problems. And when we can carry on in-spite of our circumstances, then we can be free.