Formula for Success!

When we think of An early learning environment, we often think of books, blocks, paint brushes and ABC’s. But the best way to set your child up for success is to start with basic needs.

Choosing to do what’s right and good

Choosing to do what’s right and good requires that we believe, not only do we know, but we must believe that we have a choice. ( see “I HAVE A CHOICE”) Only then will we experience the joy of choosing to do whats right and good. So, how do we teach a child to choose […]

I Have a Choice

I’m always amazed when I hear adults say, “I don’t have a choice.” And they really believe it. I know we sometimes say that, when our choices are tough. But so many people really feel helpless. Somewhere along our teaching to the next generation we seem to have dropped the ball on this one. When I […]